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There may be other questions to ask that are more important than price. For example, how many cameras will your photographer be using and rotating through the day? While your prints be on the most durable paper? Do you complete freedom to use your digital files or does your photographer keep them for extra revenue. Does your contract guarantee when you will get your product? Does your contract guarantee that the person you meet will be the person who shows to your event? Does the videographer use an on-camera light that blinds people. Can you great a photographer and videographer who can work together?


My name is Douglas Dailey. I have been a professional photographer,

videographer & editor in the San Jose, Santa Clara & South San

Francisco Bay areas for over 20 years.

Your event is important to you and your family, is probably very expensive, may or may not have been planned to every detail, and it can’t be done over. You need a photographer and/or videographer who solves problems rather than creating them. Having the necessary equipment and back-ups is only part of the equation. Someone with a great deal of experience in various environments can produce quality photography and videography week-to-week, including at your event. Your professional can work with you and/or your coordinator beforehand to make certain there is time for all the important events, including possibilities for both formal and candid themes. Please don’t underestimate the importance of the comfort factor. If you understand and trust your photographer, then your friends and relatives will sense or notice your comfort level and it is easy for us to all work together and get great expressions.
© All photographs copyright 2013 by Douglas Dailey
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All photographs copyright 2013 by Douglas Dailey
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